Can I apply for a council house in Dudley?

There are a lot of people applying for Council Housing in the Dudley Borough compared to the number of flats and houses available so it can take a while before you get a property, it really depends on what you need. If you have a disability or long term illness the Housing Occupational Health Team will do an individual assessment of your need. 


Houses are more popular than flats and maisonettes so you will usually wait longer for a house.

Some areas are more popular to live in so you will wait longer if you want that area.

Some properties are for people of particular ages so you can’t have them if you don’t fall into that age group.

Some properties are for people with particular needs.

Large properties only come up occasionally and are only for people with large families.

It is worth thinking about what is most important to you. If you really want to live in particular area then it might be worth considering a flat or maisonette to give yourself a chance of getting something sooner. Or if you really want a house because you have small children perhaps you could consider a less popular area.


What happens if you refuse an offer of council accommodation.

If you are applying as homeless or have other special circumstances then your Case Manager in the Homeless Team or Property Team can tell you more about what it means for you if you refuse an offer. For everyone else you will only be offered something you have bid for so the Council expects that you will only bid for things that you are likely to take if you are offered. It is definitely a good idea to look at the property from the outside and look at the neighbourhood and ask questions before you make a bid.

You will usually be made up to 3 offers that the Council thinks are reasonable that you have bid for or that you have asked your Case Manager to bid for. If you refuse three offers your application will be suspended for six months and you cannot bid during that time.

Dudley Council has a duty first of all to provide for people who live in the area. Their policy is that anyone from outside the borough who refuses an offer will have their application cancelled. If you are applying from outside Dudley Borough find out every thing you can about the neighbourhood and the properties in that street or block before you bid. The best idea is to talk to people who already live there, in the shops, in the pub, at church or in online forums – whatever suits you best.

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