What are my housing options?

When you decide you are serious about moving out there are various options available to you which are listed below. Remember, however, to think carefully about where you want to live and any specific requirements you may need to take into consideration when you move.


You are most likely (in your first year at least) to move into halls of residence. You will pay your rent directly to your college/universitys accommodation office- this will sometimes include bills. Please note that in halls it is common to share with others and so as an alternative you may choose to rent from a private landlord.

You might be eligible for help to cover the cost of a student accommodation in the form of a student maintenance loan. Please visit Student Financefor more information and advice about whether or not you qualify.

Private Rented

You can rent from a private landlord- this can either be through a lettings agency or directly from the landlord of the property. Renting in the private sector can be expensive- in order to secure a property you will need to save money fro a deposit which is often the equivalent of 2 months rent. Depending on the landlord and the property type, this amount can be upwards of 1000.

Can I get any help with my deposit?

If you like the sound of private renting but are concerned about finding the deposit, in certain circumstances there is help available.

Dudley MBC offers the rent deposit scheme. If you are under 35 you can only apply for this scheme if you are in full time employment and can afford to rent privately from your income. However because of restrictions on Housing Allowance if you are under 35 your home will be at risk if you lose your job.

The scheme has been set up to help those people who are struggling to secure a tenancy. It is designed to help people in providing them with a rent deposit guarantee, to allow them to find and maintain a tenancy

What other costs do I need to consider?