I have a disability or long term illness

Having a disability affects everyone differently (as you already know). Maybe one of the statements below applies to you?
It may be difficult to talk to your parents or the people who help you about leaving home. Although people are helping you they might make assumptions about what you want without really listening to you. Or you might feel that you are going to upset them if you talk about leaving.
You might have mixed feelings about becoming more independent. Many young people feel a bit daunted at the thought of leaving home and the thought that your support network is going to be less available might put you off moving out. On the other hand maybe you are raring to go! You know how to cope with your disability or illness and you want to get on with your life. Any way people should understand that just because you have some difficulties it doesnt mean you dont want to have a life.
Maybe all you want is practical help.

What next?

 Its probably a good idea to talk through your leaving home plan with someone who knows you and your disability or health needs. This will help you choose accommodation that suits your needs and think about any support you may require when you are living on your own. There are a wide range of services to assist you through Dudley's Adult Social Care Team, depending on your needs and circumstances.

A lot of things in this guide such as saving for your first home, budgeting, getting furniture, friends, how to cope with bad days will be useful to you and its worth creating a leaving home plan. But you may have extra needs and you may be entitled to extra help so if you dont already have a support worker you can turn to then it may be worth contacting one of the organisations below.
If you have care needs or need specialist support or if someone is abusing you contact Adult Social Services
Tel 0300 555 0055 in office hours, or if you require emergency out of hours social care support ring 0300 555 8574

If you need an advocate to help you express your needs
For people with learning disabilities or metal health problems Dudley Advocacy
For anyone who needs advocacy there are listing on the Council web site
The National Youth
Advocacy Service


If you need help relating to your particular disability there are too many organisations to mention but here are a few that might be useful

The DART project for people in Dudley Borough age 16 and over who have autistic spectrum disorders

If you have a physical disability

Kooth - Online counselling and advice with real advisors for young people age 11 to 25

What about applying finding somewhere to live?
You can start by applying to the Council in the usual way What will Housing offer me LINK

If your long term health or disability needs are affected by your current housing circumstances then discuss this with your advisor at your Housing Options Interview.
If you think you may need to move to a property with adaptations such as a level access shower, an assessment can be arranged through Dudley's Housing Occupational Therapy Team. Your advisor will let you know if you need to make an application and provide any support you need with this.
Tel: 0300 555 2345

It is a good idea to take someone you know and trust and who understands how your disability affects you when you go to your interview.

The Housing Options Advisor may talk to you about other kinds of housing as well as Council Housing so its a good idea to think about what you want before you go.

Supported Housing this can mean someone visiting you in your own home or living in accommodation with staff on site. As a minimum you can expect to have your own room and often your own flat. Some supported accommodation is accessed through Social Services, some through Housing.

Buying your home if you are very specific about where you want and can afford it this can be a good long term option. There are special schemes that can help you get a mortgage if you need to rely on disability benefits. Although they may not be able to help you at the moment because of the problems in the financial market it is worth having a look.

If you have some money for a deposit it is worth talking to a high street lender such as a bank or building society.

Council Housing you know about this one.

Adapting part or all of your family home to give you more independence.

Council Tenants

Owner occupiers

Moving your whole family to something more suitable, particularly if you are Council or Housing Association tenants.

Private renting this could be tricky if you have very specific needs but it can be more flexible too.

You may be absolutely desperate to get some freedom but it is worth taking your time to get it right. If you move somewhere that you dont like it might take a long time to move again.

Here are some quotes from real young people with disabilities who moved to independent living in the last few years...


Also see the following for more information: