Deciding to leave home:

At 16 you can leave home without your parent’s permission but until you are 18 you may not be able to get some services and benefits that an older person can. Some kinds of accommodation are not usually given to people under 18 - you will probably be limited to supported accommodation (some people call these hostels) or a bedsit. 

There are lots of reasons for leaving home but for most young people we spoke to, the most important thing was to be free to make their own choices. If things are very bad or you are experiencing abuse then we would advise you to take action urgently.

A lot of young people we spoke to who moved out of home very young or in a hurry said that they wished they waited a while until they had a bit more money and more experience.

Remember in an emergency you can contact:

  • Children’s Services (if you are under 18): 0300 555 2345 during office hours or the emergency duty team on 0300 555 8574 (evenings and weekends)
  • Dudley MBC Homeless Team: 0300 555 2345
  • The Police 999 in an emergency or 101 if there is no immediate danger.
  • Shelter: 0808 800 4444
  • We have a quiz that may lead you to think if you are ready to leave home. Why not try it?

When you leave home you will need to:

  • Look after your own personal safety
  • Have at least one reliable person that you can ask for help
  • Take responsibility if you mess up
  • Find help for any serious problems you have like drug use or health problems
  • Do your own housework
  • Make your money last

Also see the following for more information: