How do I apply for a council or housing association property?

If you apply for a Council property you will be registered for Housing Association properties as well.

This page tells you:
  • How to apply
  • Why you might not be allowed to register
  • How to choose a property once you have registered
If you are successful in registering you will be given a banding. Broadly speaking the higher the band the more chance you have of being housed quickly. But it also depends on what you want and where you want to live – so listen carefully to the advice that the Housing Options Advisor will give to you when you go to register.
There are five steps to registering on the waiting list

1. Read this guide Applying for a council property – is this service right for me 

2. Fill in an application form Application Form. Print this form or pick up a copy from your area Housing Office or Dudley Council Plus (Castle Street, Dudley), you will be able to do this online in the near future.

 3. Book an application interview by calling into your local Housing Office or Dudley Council Plus, or call 0300 555 2345 to book an appointment.

4. Attend the interview and make sure that you bring any information that you have been asked to provide. It will delay and may even harm your application if you do not attend at the booked time or do not provide the information. 

5. If your application is accepted your registration will be completed during the interview and you will be able to start looking at available properties straight away. The advisor will explain how you express an interest in a property and what chance you have of being successful.

 Why you might not be allowed to register (Less preference and exclusions)

If you have a history of anti-social behaviour, rent arrears, damaging your accommodation, or criminal behaviour then you may be given a lower banding or completely excluded from Council Housing.  

If you can show that your bad behaviour was in the past then the Council will consider giving you better preference or lifting the exclusion. Dudley Council does not exclude people permanently. 

Although you may not be able to get a property straight away the Council may help you find other kinds of accommodation to meet your needs and support you to get back on track. 

Dudley Council has special arrangements with some services such as supported accommodation, hostels, Youth Offending Service, Probation, drug support services. 

You may be able to have Council Housing or other accommodation as long as you are working with one of these service providers and really engaging with the help they give to you.

If you have someone who gives you support with your anti-social behaviour, offending, drug use or a specialist support provider then speak to them first.

If nobody gives you support then apply in the normal way. You may be disappointed if you are not allowed to register or put in a lower band. However, it is important to listen to the advice about other housing options and how to qualify for a better band or have the exclusion removed.

Choice Based Lettings

DMBC allocates properties using a choice based lettings system. This means that once you are accepted onto the waiting list it is your responsibility to place bids on properties that you are interested in. It does not cost anything to place a bid.

In order to place bids you will need to visit Dudley at Home between Wednesday at midnight and a Monday at midnight and log on using the registration number you are issued with at your interview.

You can place up to 3 bids on a weekly basis on properties you are interested in.

You won’t lose out to people who bid earlier than you. All the bids are considered after bidding closes. Only bid on properties that you would be happy to live in. Read the advert carefully, it will tell you a lot about the property and usually includes a picture.

It’s okay not to bid if there is nothing you want that week.

If you don’t bid for a long time you may be asked if you still want to be registered. 

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