I want to make a leaving home plan

You might be planning to leave home several years from now, in a few months, or even in an emergency. But it pays to have the right information, who to ask for help, where to go, what to expect. If you register an account then you can add anything that you think will be useful to your personal leaving home plan.

When you add an article to your personal plan a summary of the most important information will appear in your plan. It will contain all the telephone numbers and sometimes attachments like application forms as well.

We have also have a series of useful tools that can help you with your move such as

There will also be reminders of things to do and free text space for you to make your own notes.

Nobody else will be able to see your information and you can up date it whenever you log on.

You can dowload or print your plan so that you have the information where you need it.

If you apply for housing some landlords will ask to see your plan so that they know that you are ready to cope with having your own home.

How to make a leaving home plan

Step 1. In order to make a leaving home plan you will need to register onto the site see link above

Step 2. Once registered you can begin to make your leaving home plan here