I’m being evicted, what are my rights?

In this section you will find

  • Reasons for eviction
  • How can you prevent the eviction?
  • Helpful Contacts
  • Things to take to meetings
  • Harassment by your Landlord
  • What to do in an emergency


If you receive any letters that mention EVICTION do not ignore them. (Sometimes this may say that it’s a NOTICE OF SEEKING POSSESSION or NOTICE TO QUIT.  There may be words like POSSESSION PROCEEDINGS/ORDER and action in the COUNTY COURT). If in doubt do not delay, get free advice from CAB or SHELTER, by calling 0808 800 4444  

Alternatively you can speak to your LANDLORD directly or through their AGENT. If you have a tenancy with Dudley Council or a Housing Association then you need to talk to your INCOME MANAGER (Dudley MBC tenants) 0300 555 2345
The main thing is not to ignore it!

The main reasons for eviction are:

  • You don't pay your rent or mortgage.
  • You are involved in anti-social behaviour, like being noisy and getting into arguments.
  • Your Assured Shorthold Tenancy has ended.

In most cases the eviction can be prevented so follow the advice below so that you don't end up homeless.


Rent Arrears

You can pay off your arrears slowly which stops you being classed as a non-paying tenant.

Speak to your landlord, he or she may be not be happy about the arrears but they will appreciate that you are trying to do something about it. Let them know that you are getting advice.

Continue paying whatever you can afford regularly whenever you get your wages or benefits or other income.

Then without delay do one of the following;




CAB and Debtline will make sure that you are getting any benefits that you are entitled to, even if you are working. There are more links at the foot of the page that may help.


Anti-social behaviour

If you are behaving in an anti-social way but really don't want to lose your place you need to tackle the problem by talking to a support worker or a housing officer. If you feel it's beyond your control then try and speak to someone in the coucnil's Housing Department about what support they can offer.

  • If you are in a private tenancy call Private Sector Housing on 01384 815118
  • Call 0300 555 2345 and ask for an appointment with a Case Manager from the Homeless Team.
  • If you are a Council Tenant call 0300 555 2345 and ask for an appointment with your Housing Manager
  • If you are a Council tenant or you have a disagreement with a neighbour who is a Council Tenant then you could try the free mediation service Time2Talk. Call them on 01384 812444
  • Talk to anyone who is supporting you such as a Social Worker, Tenancy Support, Probation, YOS, Health Visitor or follow the link at the foot of the page 'Who will support me in my new home?'
  • Talk to the Police Community Support Officer
  • Talk to your friends and family
  • If you are having problems with drugs or alcohol then get some professional help.

If it is your friends or visitors who are causing problems then you need to be clear with them that you are not willing to lose your home because of their behaviour.

If you are threatened with eviction contact:

  • Shelter's free housing advice helpline 0808 800 4444 (they can put you in touch with your nearest Housing Aid Centre)
  • CAB  
  • Private Sector Housing 01384 815118
  • Income Managers (Dudley Council tenants) 0300 555 2345


Things to take to meetings

  • Your tenancy agreement (if you have one)
  • Any letters that say how much you owe or that your landlord has a problem with you. If you have rent arrears try to work out how many weeks you are behind so that you can tell the worker how big the problem is.
  • Any letters you have had from your landlord about eviction. The date of these letters could be important.
  • Personal ID
  • The names ages and income of people who usually live with you, their ID as well if possible

Harassment by your landlord

If your landlord is trying to evict you they may try to make you leave by harassing you. This is illegal. The only way you can be evicted is if your landlord has got a court order against you.  If a landlord changes your locks without any warning this is illegal. (See what to do in an emergency)

  • Harassment means that you are not being allowed peaceful enjoyment of your home and can include your landlord:
  • Coming round without warning.
  • Refusing to do repairs.
  • Threatening you in any way, including verbal threats, texts and e-mails.

If a landlord has made you leave your place without a court order, they have committed a criminal offence and you can take leagal action.

If you think you may be being harassed then you need to contact Private Sector Housing at Dudley Coucnil on 01384 815118

Also see the following for more information: