Im LGBT and homeless, what do I do?

Contact Dudley Housing Plus and speak to our Homelessness Prevention and Response Team on 01384 815035. Were here to advise and support you on your housing options and point you in the right direction for more specialist support.

I need to leave home

Maybe youve been asked to leave home because you are LGBT and the people you live with dont accept this.Coming to terms with withdrawal of love and acceptance can make you feel anxious and depressed. It can also lead to you put yourself in risky or exploitative situations.You may even feel forced into sleeping rough to escape your situation.

Thats why its important to contact Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345 as soon as possible so we can give you the best advice on your housing options.We may refer you to a supported housing provider or find you temporary accommodation.

But Id like my own place
Its not always possible to find you a place of your own straight away but well go through all your options with you.We believe its important for you to have the right support in place before you live completely independently.Thats why we want to make sure you can cope in your own place before we give you your own tenancy.

We may refer you to a supported housing provider who can help you prepare for living alone or we may help you to access other agencies who can support you with personal issues.You may also be offered a tenancy with some low level support until we are both happy that you can live on your own.

Im facing homophobia or transphobia

Some people who are LGBT feel more confident than others about coming out at an earlier age but the reality can still be that you face homophobia or transphobia.A significant proportion of homophobic or transphobic hate crime takes place in the victims home or immediate locality which can make it even more difficult to come to terms with.

This may make you feel worried about contacting us for advice because you think we wont understand your situation. However, its really important to talk to somebody as soon as possible, especially if you are at risk.Our trained housing staff will advise you on your best housing options and can put you in touch with more specialist support.If you are in fear for your own safety, always phone the Police.Check out the links below for other specialist help.

And remember that a landlord cannot discriminate against you on the grounds of your sexual orientation in respect of their responsibilities, such as upkeep of your home or issuing an eviction notice.Its also illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent a property to you on the grounds of your sexual orientation or to offer a different rent or other terms.

If possible, try not to give up your existing accommodation until you have talked to us first unless you are in immediate danger. We can advise you on your best housing options.

Will I get fairly treated by Dudley Council?

We strive to treat everyone accessing our services with respect and understanding in order to meet your needs as effectively as possible.Dudley MBC monitors the sexual orientation of its service users in order to target our services more effectively.This helps us to provide fair access to housing and other services for people who are LGBT.The provision of housing is covered by the Equality Act 2010 so its also unlawful for us to discriminate when providing housing services.

Id like a tenancy with my partner

LGBT couples have the same rights to a joint tenancy as heterosexual couples.

Helpful contacts

There are lots of organisations offering advice and support to young people who are LGBT.Weve listed a few below

Also see the following for more information: