Alcohol can help you relax and overcome shyness in social situations; however drinking large amounts of alcohol can make you ill, put you in dangerous situations and affect your mood and judgement.
Alcohol can also make you vulnerable as your behaviour changes and your judgement becomes impaired, you may find yourself in dangerous situations that you are unable to deal with.By finding alternative activities you will be able to distract yourself from alcohol and improve your health.
It is illegal to purchase alcohol until you are 18 years old.
If you are going on a night out with friends, always make sure you know where they are never go with strangers.
Pace your drinks – alcohol is dehydrating; make sure you drink plenty of water in between your alcoholic drinks.
Try to have something to eat before you start to drink – this will slow the alcohol being absorbed into the bloodstream.
When out with your friends, don’t purchase rounds as this can be costly.

Local Services

Contact your GP
Aquarius – alcohol counselling service: 01384 261267
Rose Cottage – NHS Dudley Substance Misuse service: 01384 366810
Alcoholics Anonymous – Local helpline: 01384 482929
The Zone – a service for under 19 years old, families and careers who are affected by drugs and alcohol: 01384 241440

National Helplines

Alcohol Concern: 0207 264 0510
Alcoholics Anonymous: 01904 644026
Al-Anon – for relatives, family and friends: 0207 403 0888


Also see the following for more information: