Free and Cheap Furniture

Do not leave it until the day that you get your keys to start collecting your furniture. It will cost much more than you thought and suddenly all those people who were going to help you may have other things to do.

When you move into a new place there are lots of things to do, forms to fill in, things to buy like food and cleaning materials, changing your benefits, changing the details with your bank, cleaning, getting the electricity turned on. If you haven’t got any furniture the whole thing can turn into a nightmare.

You probably do not want to move in with no furniture and you could end up in rent arrears because Housing Benefit will not pay until you are moved in and they do check.

There are a number of places locally where you can get free or cheap furniture It does not matter if the furniture does not match, a few cheap accessories will soon make the place comfortable.

  • Jumble Sales
  • Car Boot Sales
  • Local Markets Second Hand Stalls
  • Notice Boards Local Shops
  • Charity Shops
  • Ask family and friends if they have any items of furniture that they do not need
  • Websites that promote recycling such as Freegle (you need to sign up and also be able to collect the items, however all items are free)
  • For sale notices in local papers (some items are free if you are able to collect them)
  • St Thomas Dudley (Very cheap second hand furniture- some of it is in very good condition) 01384 237993 Beechwood Road, Dudley open 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday 

If you have someone supporting you (such as a Housing Manager, Floating Support Officer, Social Worker, Tenancy Sustainment Officer) then they can refer you to two other projects, The Brierley Hill Project and Loaves and Fishes.

Be safe

All gas appliances need to be checked and fitted by a Gas Safe registered fitter for your own safety.
Be wary when buying second hand electrical items. If you buy it from a shop then it is their legal responsibility to have the item tested for safety and you can ask before you buy.

Be Ready

You can start to gather things you will need long before you are ready to actually leave home.

If there are nice things that you would like ready for your home when you move out you may find that relatives are happy to give these for Religious Celebrations or your Birthday. Don’t be unrealistic but things like some nice cups, sheets, duvet covers, cutlery, pots and pans can fit most budgets. Older friends and relatives will appreciate that you are trying to plan sensibly.

Nearer the time start collecting tins of food, cleaning materials and small items such as a broom or washing up bowl, while still at home. It will be less to buy when you secure your own flat.

"When the lady showed me the flat there was no furniture and it wasn't even clean."


Money To Buy Furniture

There are some grants and loans available to people on benefits or who have qualifying circumstances such as leaving care or recieving assistance from the council because they are homeless.

These grants and loans are not available to all and depend on your circumstances, for example are you at work, or on job seekers allowance, or leaving care?

We strongly recommend that you get support from a support worker, Probation Officer, YOT Worker, Social Worker or CAB to make sure that you apply for the right grant or loan and that you complete the forms correctly.

If an application is rejected you are entitled to appeal, however this takes time and you need to make sure that the form is filled in correctly first time, if in doubt get advice from CAB.

Top tips-check any benefits to which you may be entitled to and complete forms well before signing for the property (you will only need to leave the address blank).

"I never thought that it would take so long for the money to come through,if I had known I would have completed form earlier."

Also remember just because you are on benefits does not mean you will automatically get money for furniture.



If you rent from Dudley Council you might  receive decorating vouchers if the property is in a poor state of decoration, this will be clarified at the viewing of the property.

Most landlords will put into the tenancy conditions that you must keep your property decorated and clean. Dudley Council will evict you if you break your tenancy conditions by having a property that is poorly decorated or dirty or full of rubbish. Your Landlord has the right to inspect the condition of the property provided they give you reasonable notice.

Also see the following for more information: