Help for first time or vulnerable tenants

If this is your first tenancy or you are vulnerable there are many organisations within Dudley that may be able to offer you support depending on your circumstances.

These support schemes maybe be known as tenancy sustainment teams or floating support schemes and are generally run by housing associations, charities or the local authority.

In Dudley you can access these via many routes, if you have a social worker, community psychiatric nurse (CPN), health visitor or other support they will be able to make a referral to the Supporting People Gateway for you.

If you do not have any support already, thats not a problem you can go to Dudley Council Plus, part of Dudley Council (see below) and they will be able to advise you.

Dudley Council Plus (DCP) can be found at the following address:
259 Castle St

Tel: 0300 5552345

Or email: to ask for an assessment.

You can aslo get help from CHADD outreach: 01384 864 232

They provide support with

  • Feelings of isolation
  • Housing Benefit Claims
  • Tackling debt
  • Registering with a GP
  • Finding work
  • Tenancy related problems
  • Helping you find other service

CHADD outreach staff will meet with you one to one see what help you need.

Support for people coping with drug issues

Dudley Council also provide a specialist housing support service for people coping with drug issues for further information on this please contact:

Housing Support (DIP) on 01384-812504

If you are applying for a council tenancy you may be asked to provide detailsof somone who is going to support you whetherthey are a family member or a professional so itis a good idea to ask them and keep their details in your plan.

If you know of an organisation that you specifically want support from you may still be able to contact them directly.

Also see the following for more information: