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Housing Benefit Changes April 2013

This information may affect you if you are renting a home in Dudley and you are
  • of working age ie not old enough to draw your state pension, and
  • claiming housing benefit, or thinking that you may need to claim housing benefit in the future

The new regulations

Housing Benefit will be restricted for some people who are living in a property that is larger than their household size. This will apply to working-age customers renting from a social landlord such as the council as well as those who rent privately. It will not apply to tenants who are pensioners. The calculation is that a separate bedroom can be available for
  • each couple or single adult over 16,
  • any two children of the same or opposite sexes up to age 9
  • any two children/young people of the same sex up to age 15

If you have more than the number of bedrooms allowed for your family size, your housing benefit will be reduced from April 2013. The Housing Benefit entitlement will be reduced by 14% if there is one spare bedroom and 25% if there are two.

  • Example 1 – a couple in a 3 bed house with 1 child (or two children under 10 of opposite sexes, or two children up to 15 of the same sex) will be under occupying by 1 room and therefore will not receive full Housing Benefit - this could be as much as £13 per week if you rent from Dudley MBC and more if you have a property with a higher rent , for example from a private landlord.


  • Example 2 - a single person of working age in a two bed flat will also be under-occupying by 1 room and will only receive Housing Benefit for up to 86% of the rent


Useful contact numbers

Book a housing options interview 0300 555 2345
Housing benefit enquiries     0300 555 8100
CAB general advice     01384 816222


The Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) is expected to make the housing benefit changes in April 2013.




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