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Four weeks before

Notes Done?
Give notice to current landlord

During two weeks before moving

Notes Notes
Order bed and mattress
Get a cooker, microwave or hob
Cutlery and Crockery
Cleaning materials
Chair or sofa
Organise moving stuff
Appointment to sign tenancy
Find people to help on the day
Make sure have enough cash flow for moving day
Get bus pass/order taxi/fill up car
Buy and pack basic groceries,
Buy cleaning products and equipment
Light bulbs
Arrange child/pet care if needed
Talk to parent/guardian or current landlord about  moving day
Pack all belongings
Clean current room or flat

Moving day

Notes Notes
Kids/pets to carer
Pay first week/month rent
Collect keys
One set of keys to person moving stuff
People at home loading stuff
People at new property unloading
Spotter on pavement to stop stuff being nicked from van
Final look round /sweep of empty room/flat
Put out rubbish/lock up
Return keys to old flat or house if rented and get reciept
Put in lightbulbs
Get gas and/or electric credit
Quick lunch and drink
Clean and unpack kitchen
Put out rubbish
Make up bed(s)
Collect kids/pets
Take away

During four weeks after moving in

Notes Notes
Clean flat starting with bathroom and kitchen
Buy carpets, curtains, furniture as per budget
 Decorate as per decorating plan
Fit carpets and curtains
Pay rent when due
Set up payment for regular bills as below
TV, phone, internet
Council tax
TV licence
Change address for the following (faling to do this will prevent you getting credit or services).
Electoral register
Credit and store cards
Anyone to whom you regularly pay money
Driving licence