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Here you can keep the details of people who are going to support you in your new home. This might be a large number of people or just a few. By keeping the details here you can have their numbers handy when you need them. You should also talk to them before you move home about what of help you hope that they can give to you. If you move into a Dudley MBC property they will look at this page to make sure that you have the kind of support you need to live independently. If you need some more support this will not stop you from having a Council House provided you are willing to be referred for extra help.

Every day advice and help Name What is this person really good at? What have I said to them about helping me in my new home?
Professional Support (eg support worker, connexions, social worker, CPN)
Good with practical things like decorating and cleaning
Help with forms, money, bills
Good support for when I am upset
Would drop everything to help me
Next of kin
Other important people